StreamLAN LLC.
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StreamLAN's Rate List:

Service Cost Notes
On-site support $95/hr + portal fee Minimum 1hr, thereafter billed to 1/4 hour increments
Remote Support $95/hr Minimum 1/2hr, thereafter billed to 1/4 hour increments
Emergency After Hours Support $250/hr + portal fee Minimum 1hr, thereafter billed to 1/4 hour increments
Portal Fees $45 inside Grand Parkway - $65 outside Grand Parkway 40mi radius outside Houston - $65 + 45/hr windsheild time
Estimates FREE! Estimates requiring prolonged quoting and fact finding over one hour are billed at 1/2 normal hourly rate.

Equipment purchases:

Sometimes parts are needed to fix a problem, we stop the clock, sourcing parts locally. Upon return we re-start the clock, and apply a modest markup to the parts resold.

Everything else:

If you have a problem or project that is out of the ordinary, or isn’t cut an dry like setting up a new computer, or repairing an inoperable system, StreamLAN, LLC will come on site to gauge your need for free, for up to an hour of consultation. From there we’ll determine what will be necessary to remedy the situation, and we can either provide a verbal estimate to your solution, or we’ll draft up a quote so that you can see the breakdown of what is proposed and the cost therein.

Larger Jobs:

In this instance StreamLAN, LLC. will always quote large jobs rather than assume an a-la-carte approach. We’ll then determine the scope of the project. If we require longer than two hours of fact-finding or information gathering we’ll charge half the hourly rate. For instance: if it’s a large complicated job with many intricacies and unknowns, changing infrastructure significantly, We’ll get on site and fact find for say six hours, gathering information. We'll then only bill 3 hours at our hourly rate for the consult. From there we’ll work a quote and come up with an efficient cost effective solution within a few days. This is of course negotiable, and dependent on the scope of work.